Can anyone drive?

Our Advanced Track days are aimed at drivers with prior experience of lapping at race tracks at speed and so only approved drivers will be eligible to drive at these events (including guest drivers).

At our General Lapping events, we still cater to the more experienced market of track day participants and so only experienced track day drivers are permitted to lap unaccompanied on our Advanced Track days until passed by approved 6th Gear instructors. 6th Gear days are not intended for the novice track day driver, but more toward the experienced track day driver looking to enhance their skills. All drivers must have a current and full driving license for Ontario or an equivalent official qualification and MUST either pass a Check Ride (see here) AND/OR be able to demonstrate to 6th Gear staff a proficient level of performance driving on closed courses (usually race tracks). 

A limited number of novice drivers (2-3 per General Lapping event maximum) can potentially be accommodated providing this is arranged well in advance but in-car instruction will be mandatory and costs for this borne by the driver. Novice instruction will be dependent on 6th Gear having an instructor available to assign to each person. This is a restriction purely to ensure safety for our guests as a high speed differential between novice and expert can produce hazardous conditions for all involved. 

Approval to take part in on-track driving activities is at the sole discretion of 6th Gear and their decision is final.

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