Does my car need to be street legal? What cars are eligible?

We have a wide selection of cars attend our days – from daily drivers to purpose designed and built race cars. All manufacturers and types of car are welcome.

There is no need for any legal/MTO compliance for cars to go on track and our only requirement is that cars are maintained to a safe standard. 6th Gear can help provide services to check your vehicle is safe to go on track either before or at the event (email us in advance to arrange this) but we do not provide full track-side service.

Worth noting for the majority of our members who drive their cars to and from the track, is that tire wear is greatly increased on track days compared to daily or even spirited road driving so we urge members to consider their journey home from this perspective – monitor your tyre wear through the event and bear in mind they will need to be legal and safe for the drive home at the end of the day!

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