Do I need a crash helmet?

All drivers and guests need to provide their own crash helmets and these must be worn at all times while on track (automotive/racing (Snell 2005 and up) or motorbike helmets legal for street use are acceptable). Open face helmets are ok if the vehicle has a full windscreen, closed face if the car has no windscreen (ie Aerial Atom, Radical or other open top race car).

Can anyone drive?

Our Advanced Track days are aimed at drivers with prior experience of lapping at race tracks at speed and so only approved drivers will be eligible to drive at these events (including guest drivers).

At our General Lapping events, we still cater to the more experienced market of track day participants and so only experienced track day drivers are permitted to lap unaccompanied on our Advanced Track days until passed by approved 6th Gear instructors. 6th Gear days are not intended for the novice track day driver, but more toward the experienced track day driver looking to enhance their skills. All drivers must have a current and full driving license for Ontario or an equivalent official qualification and MUST either pass a Check Ride (see here) AND/OR be able to demonstrate to 6th Gear staff a proficient level of performance driving on closed courses (usually race tracks). 

A limited number of novice drivers (2-3 per General Lapping event maximum) can potentially be accommodated providing this is arranged well in advance but in-car instruction will be mandatory and costs for this borne by the driver. Novice instruction will be dependent on 6th Gear having an instructor available to assign to each person. This is a restriction purely to ensure safety for our guests as a high speed differential between novice and expert can produce hazardous conditions for all involved. 

Approval to take part in on-track driving activities is at the sole discretion of 6th Gear and their decision is final.

What is a Check Ride?

The Check Ride is a short – around 20 minute – programme of drive and ride-along with one of our instructors to ensure that all members who drive are familiar, experienced and comfortable with high performance driving on a closed course. Completion or otherwise passing the Check Ride requirements is mandatory and only approved drivers will be issued the driving armband that allows access to the track at the wheel of a registered vehicle without an instructor. New drivers should be aware that competent road/everyday driving experience alone is often not enough to pass this standard and 6th Gear Events are targeted toward drivers with existing track day or competition experience. We take the safety of our members seriously and driving standards are a very important part of that.  Drivers must demonstrate their ability to lap on a race track at speed with other vehicles and have a good understanding of racing lines and sufficient experience or ability to be considered safe on track on their own.

Drivers that fail the check ride are required to pay for an instructor if they wish to continue involvement in the day to ensure the safety of all members. 

Previous experience of other track days or competition driving experience will be considered for this requirement (in-car footage can also be considered). Please remember that safety is the sole reason for the Check Ride, so if you are at all unsure in your experience it is better for all participants to speak to one of our instructors to spend a few minutes ensuring everyone’s day goes off smoothly.

To make this absolutely clear – it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure they can pass this check ride. If you fail the check ride on the day and are not willing to pay for mandatory instruction you will not be allowed to continue your participation in the day and no refunds will be issued. 

If you are a new driver to the events ( or intend to upgrade your guest pass for a new driver) please ensure that you contact us by email before the event as refunds will not be possible if a driver fails a check ride on the day.

Do drivers or cars require any special equipment?

Apart from a crash helmet, no personal special equipment is required. Cars must be in good mechanical order but otherwise there are no special requirements. We recommend you bring a bag or tote for removing all loose items from within your car for your own safety while you are on track – things sliding and moving around can be very distracting!

Does my car need to be street legal? What cars are eligible?

We have a wide selection of cars attend our days – from daily drivers to purpose designed and built race cars. All manufacturers and types of car are welcome.

There is no need for any legal/MTO compliance for cars to go on track and our only requirement is that cars are maintained to a safe standard. 6th Gear can help provide services to check your vehicle is safe to go on track either before or at the event (email us in advance to arrange this) but we do not provide full track-side service.

Worth noting for the majority of our members who drive their cars to and from the track, is that tire wear is greatly increased on track days compared to daily or even spirited road driving so we urge members to consider their journey home from this perspective – monitor your tyre wear through the event and bear in mind they will need to be legal and safe for the drive home at the end of the day!

Can I bring more than one car?

The event pass is intended to allow access for one car, one driver and one guest. Registered drivers will be given one vehicle sticker to allow their car access to the track. Additional vehicle passes may be provided at the sole discretion of 6th Gear personnel but please email us in advance if you wish to be sure you can drive an extra vehicle at the event (for instance, if you have a road car and a race car).

What is included in my registration?

The registration fee includes the entire event day for you, with your own (one) car as well as all of the hospitality/food service. One (non-driving) guest may join you.

How much track time is there? Are there run groups?

6th Gear Events are capped for attendance (around 37 participants depending on the event) in order to avoid having run groups, therefore it is 7 hours of open track time with no groups.

Can I bring a guest with me?

Yes one (1) non-driving guest is included in your registration fee. Additional guests are subject to a $50 additional fee per person. These can be purchased on the day, but we prefer and encourage you to indicate guest numbers when you register through our cart to give us an accurate idea of attendance to make sure we have enough food!

Can my guest drive?

The included guest pass is a non-driving pass. However, providing they pass our Check Ride requirements (see here), the guest can drive only your vehicle if their guest pass is upgraded to a driving pass (additional charge of $85 applies, limited to one guest pass per main driver, payable in advance or on the day). Additional vehicles will require their own full registration. 

Driving Rules and Regulations


Due to the nature of performance driving at a race track, 6th Gear Events assumes no responsibility for any damage or personal injury that may occur during the course of the day. The track will hold 6th Gear, and therefore you, responsible for any damage that your car inflicts on its “Safety Barriers”. Avoidance of same would be much appreciated.


Flags are used to warn drivers on a track of any problems that they may encounter. 6th GEAR EVENTS uses this system so it is imperative that all drivers commit the meanings of all flags to memory. A simple rule of thumb is that a waved flag indicates a more imminent or serious problem than a stationary one.


Passing is allowed in the following locations: Front Straight, Back Straight & Between Corner 3 & 4 ONLY (see map here) providing you receive a signal from the car in front…no signal = no pass! Please drive with courtesy as there are a variety of cars and “blocking” will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of the faster car to go off line to make their pass – the slower cars always have ‘right of way’ of the racing line. If you are being passed, have the car passing you go “off line” and you stay on the “driving line”. This avoids potential confusion during these times.


Track is open and clear for use…often displayed for the first few laps of a driving session or following a caution flag of some form.


Point-By Passing Signal REQUIRED (only in zones noted above): Arm out open window indicating that you wished to be passed on the right side. RaceCars only point-by from in car. Again, we
re-iterate, no signal = no pass!


There is a problem up ahead… be prepared to take evasive action…slow down…no passing is allowed…if the yellow flag is waved it indicates that the problem is just ahead and or that a portion or all of the track is blocked and potentially the problem is very serious. You must be prepared to stop if necessary…often this flagging pattern will be shown before a red flag.


By all means drive as fast as you wish but use common sense…spinning in traffic is not appreciated. Leave yourself room in the event of an incident in front of you. Do not tailgate. If your car suffers a mechanical breakdown, do not drive back to the pits spewing oil all over the driving line. Also do not attempt to repair your car on the circuit under any circumstances. Wait behind the barrier! The tow truck will come and get you. When entering the track stay off the driving line and do not cross the blend line! Please ensure you take notice to which station the Marshalls are at and showing flags at as they are there to help us have a safe & fun day!


Upon seeing this flag a driver must come to a complete controlled stop at the side of the track. Then proceed to the pits in first gear upon being told to do by a marshall.


There is some problem with your driving and or car. Slow down and proceed to the pits at the end of the lap you are on for further instructions. Report to the Marshall at “Pit Out”!!!


“Meatball Flag” indicates that there is a mechanical problem with your car… slow down and report to the pits at the end of the lap.


Waved signifies a faster car is approaching and you are about to be passed, pointed right at you means you are being passed right now.


“Oil Flag” indicates oil or slippery conditions…often placed at the exact location of the problem.


An ambulance or slow moving vehicle is on the track…please be on the look out for it…waved means that it is just ahead. No passing!!!


The driving session is over…slow down and cool your car down…exit track at the end of lap.



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