Dear Max and Rob,
Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary of 6th Gear. You have made it the PREMIER driving event, done in the old Italian tradition that food should be as important as the main event of driving, a tradition that was started in the early Ferrari days with Anthony [ RIP ]. You have succeeded in bringing together a community of like minded people who enjoy cars, food and company. It’s events like this which lets me enjoy my passion of driving a car on the track. Yes, there are lesser venues but 6th Gear checks off all the boxes, and then some. I am grateful to have been associated with 6th Gear for all of 15 years and plus. 
Thank you for making this all happen. 


Just had 3 great days at the Tudor Grand Prix!! Thanks Rob for including me.

I have watched the 6th Gear Garage on Pit Lane transform over the last few years and moreover the last few months. It was once a the domain of a fortunate few that new Rob and 6th gear. Very intimate and close knit group of like minded drivers and fans.

With the change in track ownership and all the upgrades that followed it was inevitable that this facility change in order to stay viable in the growing scheme of things at CTMP (Mosport)

The 6th Gear garage has morphed into a world class Private Lounge and Event Venue. This past weekend has defiantly proved if you build it they will come.

We had 3 full days of great racing and the luxury of a home base right on Pit Row. I am sure everyone that attended will agree the partnership with AIM Autosport proved to be a great success. The food (Ohhh the food) and always a bevy of cold refreshments to take the edge off the heat of the day. Well done!!

I want to say thank you to Terressa and Conrad from Aim for making us all feel at home. A very special thank you to Juliana. We have adopted her as one of our own at 6th Gear…. Juliana is a force unto herself !! A true force of nature… She never stopped moving, shaking and smoozing the entire event. Makes the Energizer Rabbit look like a Slug>> Well done Jewelz!!!

I Can’t wait to see whats next!!


It is always so much fun to attend 6th Gear’s events. They are extremely well organized, with special attention to safety. Both drivers and guests always seem to enjoy attending the events and the food is outstanding. 

It has been a pleasure providing 6th Gear with their new logo’d tent, umbrellas and branded apparel. 6th Gear events are first-class and I look forward to attending more events.

Thanks, guys!


DOSH Promotions

Great track day guys and gals. June event was my first and it was so great I will see you in July too. By the way the lunch was incredible too….

Phil L

Hi guys just wanted to say thanks for another great event (June2013) it was super, I also loved the new tent and umbrellas, they came in handy cause we had a beautiful sunny day. Also thanks for the raffle PULL I won the free track day, in the Children’s Wish draw, ALL u drivers reading this please buy a few tickets each, it’s for a great cause and you might win a free track day only $15.00 per ticket.


Michael S

I have to thank you for the best lapping day ever!  Your group is welcoming on and off the track.  The format is surprisingly suited for ensuring the most possible laps in the day.  It’s a blast to be on the track with such a varied group.

Again thank you and I’ll look forward to the next event I’m able to attend.
Best regards,

Keith Fansett

“Just came back from todays track day event – you guys always run the best and funnest track days. You always provide such great food and service, your events are safe and as such, you attract top-notch serious drivers. I am always impressed and very satisfied with the 6th gear events I attend. And kudos for organizing the raffle for Children’s Wish Foundation – I love an organization that gives back. Doesn’t hurt that I actually won the today’s prize of a free track day for this raffle! I encourage everyone to support the foundation and get the raffle tickets. All in all, a great day with great people …looking forward to the next one.”

Raffi N

“Hi Alessandra, I would like to thank you and congratulate you in regards to organizing such great events. It’s the best events my father and I have been to in the past fifteen years. The food and the people have been wonderful. I have other friends that would love to attend as well. Next year let’s try and make it five or six times, maybe starting in May till October.”

Sincerely, Dan D

“Alessandra, Outstanding event—great weather, great people. My only regret is that I had to leave early!! 

See you and the gang next year.”


“Alessandra, I just wanted to thank Antonio, Rob, Marco and yourself. The events seem to be getting better every time. This same group of drivers seem to have that driving ( no pun intended ……… ) passion ….are also safe and respectful of each others abilities,  no matter at what level or car they drive. It was a great season and I am looking forward to the following year. Again thanks for inviting me to participate.”

Regards, Enzo

“Hi Alessandra, My friend Mario and I enjoyed attending your final event. The food was superb (as always) and the people are always very friendly. We especially enjoyed seeing the F1 car and the Dallara at this past event. Hopefully that gentleman will return next year. I’ve mentioned your event to a few other friends and I trust they will make an effort to attend at least one or two events next year. They would have attended this past one had they not been committed to their previous engagements. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you and the rest of the gang next year. Let’s hope for even better summer in 2006, if that could be possible.”



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