What is a Check Ride?

The Check Ride is a short – around 20 minute – programme of drive and ride-along with one of our instructors to ensure that all members who drive are familiar, experienced and comfortable with high performance driving on a closed course. Completion or otherwise passing the Check Ride requirements is mandatory and only approved drivers will be issued the driving armband that allows access to the track at the wheel of a registered vehicle without an instructor. New drivers should be aware that competent road/everyday driving experience alone is often not enough to pass this standard and 6th Gear Events are targeted toward drivers with existing track day or competition experience. We take the safety of our members seriously and driving standards are a very important part of that.  Drivers must demonstrate their ability to lap on a race track at speed with other vehicles and have a good understanding of racing lines and sufficient experience or ability to be considered safe on track on their own.

Drivers that fail the check ride are required to pay for an instructor if they wish to continue involvement in the day to ensure the safety of all members. 

Previous experience of other track days or competition driving experience will be considered for this requirement (in-car footage can also be considered). Please remember that safety is the sole reason for the Check Ride, so if you are at all unsure in your experience it is better for all participants to speak to one of our instructors to spend a few minutes ensuring everyone’s day goes off smoothly.

To make this absolutely clear – it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure they can pass this check ride. If you fail the check ride on the day and are not willing to pay for mandatory instruction you will not be allowed to continue your participation in the day and no refunds will be issued. 

If you are a new driver to the events ( or intend to upgrade your guest pass for a new driver) please ensure that you contact us by email before the event as refunds will not be possible if a driver fails a check ride on the day.

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