6th Gear (in partnership with North American Wolf distributor Motorsports Southwest LLC) are proud to present the 2013 Wolf GB08 track day and race car. Exclusively available in Canada through 6th Gear, this thoroughbred race car has been fine tuned for the North American track day market and is set to cause a stir with phenomenal performance at very reasonable running costs.



6th Gear’s own Wolf GB08, with Carbon bodywork and full paddle shift options installed.
See more shots of our car at the 6th Gear events in our gallery

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The GB08 has been designed and developed over three years of top level racing in the extremely competitive SpeedEuro series (an endurance based series run to the FIA CN regulations) in Europe. The factory car has won the 2011 and 2012 championships and its development path has allowed the company to also produce a solid, reliable and very fast car suitable for track day customers as a result. 

Born and bred for endurance, the GB08 design uses the best components, materials and design to deliver a race and driving experience like no other. Endurance racing requires a car to be reliable, consistent, easy to maintain and comfortable for the driver while being consistently fast for hours of racing. All of these attributes are designed into the GB08.

A range of engines are available from a 255hp 2L Honda K20, 320hp K2X, and a 500HP 3.0L V8 coupled with 2 choices of Sadev 6 speed sequential gearboxes. These combinations along with Mil/spec wiring, and components from Mectronik, Brembo, Oram, XAP, and OZ provide reliable running for long hours on the track. The design and choices of proven suppliers allow you to tailor your Wolf for endurance, sprint or track days.

The design of the GB08 also makes it perfect for sprint races. Lightweight, high downforce, great mechanical grip and a high power to weight ratio make the GB08 a highly competitive package for multiple venues.

The GB08 is a true 2 seat sports prototype. The carbon fibre tub is capable of safely holding 2 full ‘American size’ adults. There is room for a driving coach, or give a relative, friend or business client the ride of their lives. For racing the cockpit size makes driver changes easy and offers plenty of room for radios, drink and cooling systems.

While the GB08 is a pure, thoroughbred race car, it is also very easy to drive. The electronic paddleshift system gives seamless shifting along with no-lift up shift and auto-blip downshift and increases the reliability of the gearbox. The light weight of the car means the GB08 is easy on brakes and tires, keeping the operating costs low. In fact, lower than motorcycle engined cars and lower than the fastest GT cars but capable of lapping faster than all of them.


The Backbone of the Wolf GB08 is the FIA crash tested and certified carbon fibre tub. Optimisation of the shape and orientation of the carbon lay up have resulted in a lightweight yet stiff foundation. Consequently the aero package and suspension components are able to work in a consistent manner and as designed. Built by a leader in carbon chassis construction (also supplying Supercar manufacturer Pagani) the chassis of the Wolf GB08 is second to none.


Using CFD and extensive real world testing, the engineers at Wolf have given the GB08 a package that produces high aerodynamic downforce loads while reducing the associated drag. The 2013 package includes an entirely new front end and rear diffuser. Together these provide an additional 18% of downforce with no increase in drag, bringing the Wolf GB08 downforce numbers to 2050lbs at 250kph. This ability to produce such downforce while keeping drag to a minimum allow Wolf to consistently show higher trap speeds than other CN cars.


While the Wolf GB08 has been built to be the pinnacle of prototype sports racers in terms of speed and handling, the high safety standards demanded by a full current FIA homologated series have to be complied with. Consequently there has been no effort spared in the design in relation to driver safety. From the carbon fibre honeycomb crushable nose cone, the carbon tub driver survival cell, the steel rollover protection, the Lifeline fire system, to the FIA approved fuel bladder. the Wolf GB08 has been built with driver/passenger protection as a top priority. Safety is no place to skimp on cost and quality.


In an attempt to make their body work as light as possible, most sports prototype builders use very thin fibreglass construction. This results in very light but flexible and fragile bodies.

Not Wolf

We use the same construction techniques used to make the best carbon bodies available; Pre-preg fibreglass, honeycomb core and auto-claved construction. This results in stiff and extremely lightweight body panels, even without the optional full carbon body option. How many sports racers or prototypes can you stand on the splitter or sit on the side pods? With the GB08, rigid and strong bodywork allows a solid build feel that is not common in race cars or track cars.


Measuring a race cars performance is not a difficult task. How fast does it go around a given track? Comparing it to other cars is slightly more difficult. Factors like track conditions, race conditions, car set-up, drivers, etc all play a role in lap times. However, given enough examples one can draw some concrete conclusions:

  • The Wolf GB08 won 10 of 12 races in the 2012 SpeedEuro Championship, consistently running seconds per lap ahead of it’s competition. And it did this carrying an extra 88lbs of “Competitive” ballast.

  • The 2012 spec Wolf GB08 ran 7 seconds a lap faster than the pole Porsche GT3 Cup car time at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, and 2 seconds per lap faster than the FIA GT1 factory Ferrari 458. 

  • The 2013 Specification Wolf (Aero upgrade package) set a practice time that was 1 second a lap faster than the LMP2 qualifying time for the Spa-Francorchamps 6 hour race. LMP2 cars are heavier than CN spec cars, but have nearly twice as much power! It was also 8 seconds faster than the record for a Radical SR8RX and 17 seconds faster than an SR3 RS for that track.


How does it stack up against other track day cars?



Length (mm)

Width (mm)




HP (flywheel)

Power to weight ratio



Wolf GB08




540 kg

(1190 lb)




– Honda K20








– Honda K2X








– 3.0L V8




520 kg

(1146 lb)




Caterham SP




545 kg

(1201 lb)




Porsche RS Spyder




775 kg

(1708 lb)






Technical Specifications – 2013 Specification Wolf GB08

  • Chassis – Carbon fibre tub, FIA certified

  • Body – Auto-claved Pre-preg composite with honeycomb core
    (Full carbon bodywork optional)

  • Engine – Honda K20, race prepped, dry sump, 255HP

  • Engine options available are 320HP K2X or 500HP 3.0LV8

  • Gearbox – Sadev SLR82 6spd sequential with limited slip differential
    Optional SL75 gearbox upgrade available

  • Optional Full paddle shift with auto blip and no-lift shift package available

  • Wheels – OZ center lock 10.5” front, 11” or 12” rear

  • Brakes – Brembo 4 piston monoblock w/floating rotors

  • Fuel Cell – FIA approved ATL 80L with dry-break refueling

  • Dampers – Oram coil over triple adjustable

  • Suspension – Push rod operated, Double A-arms with aero tubing

  • Mono shock front suspension optional

  • ECU – MecTronic MK6

  • Wiring – Mil spec with Autosport connectors

  • Data Logging – MTA standard with AIM interface optional (other data logging options available)

  • XAP F3 Steering Wheel optional (used in the FIA GP2 series)

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